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 Tutorial Challenge -

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PostSubject: Tutorial Challenge -   Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:48 am

Lets see what you can do with this "Tut".
Be imaginative and as creative as you want to be

Just have some fun!

Fall On Sale

* FTU Kit - "Autumn Dreams" by Topcat
 * Masks64-SophisticatSimone Sophisticated Simone Mask  
 * Tube of your choice
 The PTU tube I used is from Stella Felice 7
 * Font - A Yummy Apology

 Filter used
 - no

 Software used
 - Corel Paint Shop Pro x8

 To follow the indications of this tutorial, take example on my model.

 Open a new document 700x700 pixels transparent

 new raster layer
 fill with color # 819532

 layers / load-save a mask / from disk
 go get the mask "Masks64-SophisticatSimone"
 reverse unchecked

 merge the group

 Layers / duplicate
 merge the 2 sets

 Layers / duplicate
 image / free rotation / right 90

 copy / paste "element 45"

 copy / paste "element 32"
 resize to 95
 place at the top left

 Layers / duplicate
 image / mirror
 merge the 2 sets

 Layers / duplicate
 Image / flip

 copy / paste "element 32"
 resize to 95
 image / free rotation / left 90
 place everything on the left

 Layers / duplicate
 image / mirror

 copy / paste "element 50"
 Image / flip

 baguette tool
 select the inside of the frame
 selections / modify / enlarge by 10

 new raster layer
 copy / paste "paper 17" in the selection
 select / select nothing

 Slide under the frame layer

 to put on the layer of the frame

 effects / 3D effects / drop shadow
 7/5/30/10 black

 copy / paste "element 26"
 resize to 60
 place at the top left

 Layers / duplicate
 image / mirror

 Layers / duplicate
 Image / flip
 place at the bottom, everything to the right

 Layers / duplicate
 image / mirror
 same shadow on the 4 branches

 copy / paste "element 28"
 image / free rotation / right 30
 place right on the frame
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste your tube
 resize and place
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 40"
 place on the bottom left
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 15"
 place at the bottom of your creation
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 49"
 resize to 60
 place at the bottom left on the barrier
 same drop shadow

 Layers / duplicate
 place on the straight, on the barrier

 copy / paste "element 36"
 resize to 60
 place at the bottom left on the pumpkins
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 12"
 resize to 80
 place at the bottom of your creature, slightly to the left
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 21"
 place lower right
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 31"
 resize to 75
 place at the bottom of your creature, slightly to the left, in front of the squirrel's feet
 same drop shadow

 copy / paste "element 29"
 resize to 80
 place at the bottom of your creation, on the left
 same drop shadow

 if your tube goes beyond the decorations, erase it

 If you use a paid tube put the copyright of the artist and your license MANDATORY.
 Sign your creation

 save to PNG



May Your Day Be Blessed

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Tutorial Challenge -
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