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 Hotlinking and Bandwidth

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PostSubject: Hotlinking and Bandwidth   Hotlinking and Bandwidth EmptyThu Nov 09, 2017 3:50 pm

Ok you have heard these terms before and you think to yourself 'what's all the fuss?'  Without mincing any words it is theft and theft is wrong no matter how you slice it.  So, let me explain so you can better understand.

Hotlinking, inline linking, remote linking and so many other terms are used to describe the act of taking images or files without saving them directly to your own computer.  In other words, the unauthorised use of someonelse's bandwidth.

Bandwidth? - What the heck is bandwidth you are asking me?  Well, it is kind of like gas for your car.  Each time a file is called from a server there is what is called a data transfer request or bandwidth theft.  Every time you drive (or a file is uploaded), a bit of fuel (or bandwidth) is used up.  Now imagine if each night one of your neighbors siphoned out a tiny bit for their own car...then other neighbors thought "I'll just take a couple of drops as well" morning your fuel tank would be empty.  Your neighbors would be thinking they took just a tiny bit; hardly noticeable.  But when added all up it would leave you with no gas.

Serving up images is not only usually the biggest consumer of bandwidth. when others remotely link to them (ie. embed them in their own website without permission), but bandwidth costs money.  Bet you did not know that bandwidth is not free.  Most websites have a limited amount of data transfer and the website owners either have to pay extra money each month to pay the fees or face shutting down.

When people link directly to a media file (gif, jpg, png, mov, etc), the webmaster of the original site has to pay the fees.  When someone links to a page on that same website, the webmaster still pays fees but the content is shown in the form the designer (and copyright holder) wished, and they may be able to cover costs by displaying advertising on the page.

So now you know why hotlinking and bandwidth are so wrong.  So, please, before you take any file, whether it's an image, sound file or anthing else check that it is allowed to be used elsewhere.  Just because something is on a website does not mean that anyone is free to take it!  there are copyright laws and I have posted them here at Graphics Utopia.

I hope this has helped you to understand how wrong hotlinking and bandwidth are.  If you see something you would like to use; ie. a tag, a background tile, etc; write the author and ask.  Most people are flattered that people want to use their work.  If they say no then respect their decision.  They have their reasons.


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Hotlinking and Bandwidth
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